What we offer

Let us introduce you to our devilishly good offer of 3D printing filaments


1 kg spools

Our flagship product we are particularly proud of.

Our offer comprises a full range of 3D printing filaments on 1 kg spools. We provide: ABS+, ASA, PLA, PA12, PET-G, HIPS, SILK and TPU, most of these available in a wide range of colours.

Suggested retail price:

ABS+, HIPS, PLA, PET-G: PLN 99,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm, 2,85mm, standard colors only)
ASA: PLN 109,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm)
TPU: PLN 179,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm)
SILK: PLN 109,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm)
PA12: PLN 179,00, VAT incl. (0,8 kg, 1,75 mm)



Startpack, something for those at the beginning of their way to a 3D printing expertise.

The set consists of 6 spools of different colours, each spool containing 0.33 kg of material. There are 3 kinds of sets on offer: PLA, PET-G and SILK.

This is an ideal option introducing you into 3D printing, allowing you to see if it is something you want to pursue, while making no great demands on your money.

Suggested retail price

Startpack PLA, PET-G, SILK: PLN 209,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm)


2 kg and 5 kg spools

The product developed for demanding industrial customers.

The 3D filaments coming on 2 kg spools are available in the following materials: ABS+, PLA and PET-G in white and in black. The spools of 5 kg are made to order, in any colour or material required.

The minimum order for 5kg spools is 100 kg, which corresponds to 20 spools.

Suggested retail price:

ABS, PLA, PET-G on 2 kg spools: PLN 189,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm)
PET-G, PLA on 5 kg spools: PLN 399,00, VAT incl. (1,75 mm)