Devil Design | producent filamentów do drukarek 3D
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Devil Design – 3D printing filament manufacturer.

The devil’s in the details, and we take care of those minutest.

What can we lure you with?


We know that, like in no other industry, the highest quality is what matters most in ours.


We keep away from Chinese trash, offering you only high-end materials. Without taking short cuts.


Business is made by people, therefore, instead of rigid procedures and piles of unneeded documents, it’s live persons that we see in every company.


To all corporate standards, we say categorically no!


The stress we place on quality and our customer approach make people simply want to work with us.


Every day sees our distribution network become increasingly stronger!

What else can we still boast of?


Apple of our eye and flagship product: 1kg sized spools.

We offer a full range of 3D printing filaments in convenient 1kg sized spools. We offer ABS+, ABS-T, ASA, PLA, PLA-ST, PA12, PET-G, HIPS and TPU filaments in many colour variants.

We take care of 3D printer newbies.

We were the first in Poland (and most probably among the first worldwide, and at least in Europe) to launch so-called startpacks, i.e. six small spools with filaments in various colours.

We don’t forget about industrial customers.

We provide large players with ABS+, PLA and PET-G filaments in 2kg and 5kg sized spools, which are at any time available in white and black. Don’t worry, other colours are available upon request.

We’re present wherever we’re needed.

We’re developing our own sales network, both in Poland and all across Europe.

We deliver our products as expeditiously as possible.

We constantly streamline our stocks to supply products within extremely short delivery times.

We help our business partners earn money.

Our wholesale customers can count on very attractive mark-ups, which are virtually unachievable in other industries.

How did all that start?


Here we would like to post our company’s history, but it’s so long (and interesting!) that it’d take too much precious space. Wonder where we started and what we did to reach the place where we’re now? Visit this page to learn our whole history.

What haven’t we changed?


Over years many things have changed. Our experience, knowledge, people, equipment and, last but not least, our company’s location. There’s one thing we’ve remained faithful to, however.  


Since the very founding of our company our top priority has always been quality. We’ve been relentlessly pursuing our goal of providing our customers with high-end materials while keeping their prices as much as at bargain levels as possible.

What do customers say about us?