Devil Design. 3D printing filament manufacturer.

The devil is in the details…
…and we make sure every tiny detail is taken care of.

What can we tempt you with?


We know that in our field, like in no other, high quality is what matters most.


Far from sub-standard materials and half-way solutions, we are proud to offer only top quality goods, without taking shortcuts.


Every business is about people, and it’s the people we see in every company rather than rigid procedures and piles of unnecessary documents.


We say no to stiff corporate standards.


The emphasis we put on quality and our approach to customers are the simple reasons why people want to work with us.


Our distribution network is growing from day to day!

What else do we pride ourselves on?


You need to excuse us, but modesty is not our strongest point. See below for our offer:

Our flagship product, 1 kg spools.

We offer a full range of 3D printing filaments on handy spools, each containing 1 kg of material. The filaments include: ABS+, ASA, PLA, PA12, PET-G, SILK, HIPS and TPU, all available in many colour options.

We care about 3D printing newbies.

We were the first in Poland (and probably among the first in the world, and at least in Europe) to offer the so called startpacks, which are sets of 6 small spools with filament in various colours.

We keep industrial customers in mind.

Big players may choose from ABS+, PLA, PET-G filaments on 2 kg and 5 kg spools, stocked in white and black. And no worries, we manufacture other colours to order.

We are everywhere we need to be.

We continue to develop our distribution network, both in Poland and all over Europe.

We deliver our products as fast as it is possible

We optimise our stock levels on a continual basis and thus we ensure a prompt delivery.

Our business partners make a real profit.

Our wholesale customers may count on a very attractive margin, which is practically unavailable in other branches of industry.

How did it all start?


This is where we initially intended to put the history of our company, but, being long (and interesting!), it would have taken up a lot of precious space. Are you curious how we started and what we did to find ourselves where we are now? Check this page and learn about our history

What haven’t we changed?


Throughout all those years a lot of things have changed. Our experience, knowledge, people, equipment and even the company’s location. However, there is one thing we are still true to.


From the very beginning the priority for our company has been quality. We continue to make every effort to provide our customers with top quality materials for good prices.

What do our customers say about us?