The history of the company

What did all that start with?

2012 – Founding the company

We appeared on the market in 2012 and we were initially a reseller of filaments, parts and accessories for 3D printers. The company movables occupied 1 m² in a private flat.

2013 – Moving to a garage and the company expansion

As the company developed, there was a growing need for space, and the room proved too small. That was the moment when we moved to a 12 m² garage, Devil Design was joined by a new partner and, together, we began preparations to start our own production.

2014 – ringing a production line and moving to a production building

After 2 years of continuous development and working all days we made a decision to move again. Our production needs were growing fast. This is why we decided on a 200 m² production building, where a new production line was accommodated.

2015 – Development, development, development

Hardly a year had passed and we decided to develop further. We bought additional production lines, and took on more employees.

2018 – The success we did not expect

(or did we?)

Three years of hard work did not go to waste and that year we took some more steps on the way to further development. That meant moving to another production building (as big as 800 m²), 4 production lines and 10 full-time employees.

As you can see, we have come a long way to become the most popular filament manufacturer in Poland. Time will tell where we’ll get in a couple of years.