Devil Design | Company’s history
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Company’s history

What did all that start with?

2012 – Foundation of the company

We came into existence as a reseller of filaments and 3D printer parts and accessories in 2012. All we had at that time fitted into one square metre of a private flat.

2013 – Moving to a garage and company’s expansion

As we were growing, we also needed increasingly more space, and the room turned out to be too small. We then moved to a 12m large garage, Devil Design’s ranks were joined by a new partner, and we started to work on starting our own production.

2014 – Buying a production line and moving to a hall

After two years of incessant growth and work for a dozen or so hours a day, we decided to relocate once again. Our production needs were rapidly growing. Therefore, we bet on a 200m large hall, where we accommodated our new production line.

2015 – Growing, growing, growing.

Hardly a year had passed and once again we had to decide about our further growth. We bought additional production lines and hired more personnel to operate them.

2018 – Success we didn’t expect

(well, maybe we did a little)

The three years of intense work aren’t wasted; this year we’ve decided to move further on. Relocation to a new hall (with as many as 800 square metres of space), four production halls and ten full-time workers.

As you can see, we have come a very long way to become the most popular filament manufacturer in Poland. Time will tell where we will be in a couple of years!